Customer Understanding: The Cornerstone of Customer-Centricity

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If you don’t know by now, customer understanding is the cornerstone of customer-centricity.

Customer-centricity means putting the customer at the center; customer understanding is how you’ll achieve that.

What is customer-centricity?

A lot of people talk about being customer-centric, but it’s one thing to say that and another to be it! Customer-centricity is about putting the customer at the center of all you do.

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“A good product at a fair price”

Some people say that marketing doesn’t work on them. That all they want is a good product, a fair price, and they’ll be on their way.

But that’s a marketing story as well.

Who decided what ‘good’ was? And ‘fair’? Your preference for the straightforward is still a preference. Your expectations for what you need are simply yours.

It’s all a story.

Great marketers don’t invent frills and fluff in order to create value. Great marketers have the wisdom to know that they will be judged and the practical empathy to go to where those that would judge them are.


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We're Hiring for a Part-Time IT Administrator


The Strategyzer team is looking for an IT Administrator to join us. We’re building a world-class platform & services for strategy and innovation inside leading global companies. As such we are using many ‘best of its class’ SaaS services to help us get there and we need help to manage this ever growing list.

This is a part-time position (2-3 days per week). The candidate can work remotely or from any of our offices in Zurich or Toronto. You should ideally be +/- 6 hours of CET timezone.

We’re looking for a candidate who loves to bring order to the chaos of multiple systems. A person who wants to help people get their job done better through IT.

You will collaborate with the CTO in deciding, planning and executing IT & security initiatives. As well as the usual day-to-day IT support for our team members, you will maintain, monitor, document, improve our existing services. There are opportunities to take the lead on initiatives you care about.

What we’re offering:

  • Have an impact

  • Autonomy

  • Experience

  • Personal growth

  • Flexibility & convenience

  • Outstanding company culture

6 characteristics we’re looking for:

  1. Mystery detective

  2. Positive can-do attitude

  3. Humble learner

  4. Organisational powerhouse

  5. Independent crystal

  6. Experienced IT enthusiast

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