Corporate Entrepreneurship: Innovation and Strategy in Large Organizations

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Corporate Entrepreneurship is about entrepreneurial transformation in larger organizations. Paul Burns shows how this can be achieved by building an organizational architecture – leadership, culture, structure and strategies – ...Read More

Related, Unrelated, and Multinational Diversification As Forms of Business Strategy Planning

Source by John Whonderr-Arthur, Ph.D. Esq

Business strategy planning is involved in crafting a path for the business in its chosen product market, to position the product such as to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors and ...Read More

Free Live Video Panel Oct. 27: Creating a Data-Driven Enterprise: Real-Life Cases

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Over the past few years, the MIT SMR team has delved deeply into how data and analytics are changing companies’ processes, products, and business models. In a new, live video panel on October 27 at 11 ...Read More

Lessons from Four Great American Innovators

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In 1912 a young scientist from New York, Clarence Birdseye departed on a fur-trading expedition to Labrador in Canada. While he was there he noticed that the local Eskimos kept their fish fresh in winter ...Read More