A New Year’s Resolution? The Pomodoro Technique

Writing this at the beginning of January 2016, I thought it might be useful to see if I could adopt a new technique to help me with my resolution to be more productive and use my time better. Yes, there are lots of different techniques, ...Read More

What is Responsibility Charting (RACI)

Responsibility charting is a technique to assist in the identification of different roles and responsibilities attached to different key activities. It is a visual tool which is intended to reduce ambiguity, duplication,confusion and clarify potential areas of conflict.

RACI stands for the different roles, as follows:

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50 Ways to Foster a Culture of Innovation (Part 1)

50 Ways to Foster a Culture of Innovation (Part 1)


As your organization continues rebounding from the financial meltdown, here are 50 ways to ensure that it becomes increasingly conducive to ongoing innovation. Commit to a few of these today and make some magic. ...Read More

Cultural Web – Questions and Types of Culture

Cultural Web – Questions, and Types of Culture

Last week I introduced the cultural web, and suggested that I would review some useful questions which can be asked for each ‘circle’. I will then review four basic culture ...Read More

What is the Cultural Web?

What is the Cultural Web?

In business, we are constantly talking and thinking about the culture of the organisation. This post looks at what we mean by ‘culture’ and particularly, how it can be analysed and understood by reference to the cultural ...Read More