X-Bionic Men’s Marathon Energy Running Socks, Black/Orange, 3/Size 42-44

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Voted ‘best race day sock’ by the testers at Athletics Weekly, X-Socks Marathon Energy Compression Socks are engineered for performance and to send more energy to your feet over long distances. The socks have more than 10 pioneering patented production and comfort functions, plus integrated air conditioning to create the ideal foot environment. The smart compression in the legs stabilises and revitalises, encouraging better blood flow and enhancing performance. The job is to better protect the runner and help to run more efficiently. An innovative Suppronation Bandage inhibits over-pronation or supination, which stresses the joints and ligaments by wrapping and stabilising the foot for its natural rolling movement, preventing it from turning inward or outward. Together with a self-adjusting cuff, Achilles tendon protector, five further lightweight, hollow core fibre protectors around the foot and leg and an anatomically shaped footbed, the X-Socks Marathon Energy Compression Socks provide optimum stability and defence from injury, blisters and pressure points.AIRCOOL STRIPES These high-tech functional fibers cool and ventilate under the sole and provide comfort even during the hottest days.
Our entire body weight rests only a few small areas of the foot. The anatomically shaped foot bed supports these high stress areas.
Self adjusting cuffs, The cuffs adapt to any size leg without slipping or constricting
Toe Tip Protector movement during sporting activity can cause the foot to slide forward in the shoe.
The Air-conditioning Channel It allows air to flow to body regions not normally accessible by fresh air circulation