Coaching Services

Through its consulting work, Innovation for Growth has identified the need to offer coaching services in addition to its business consulting services.
"People don't only use a coach when there is a problem with their technique; they understand that no matter how good their technique is, there is always room for improvement."

John Perry

Coaching - a Definition

"Coaching is essentially a two-way conversation, it is learning, it is about asking the right questions. Unlike consultancy where the consultant investigates and identifies the solutions, coaching involves the coachee identifying answers to their own questions through what they already know. Coachees become self correcting and self generating, under the guidance of the coach"

Coaching can cover a number of different aspects of life::
  • life skills coaching - an individual relationship between a coach and a coach to bring about life transforming experiences. It is about clarifying values and visions, and setting goals and new actions so that an individual may lead a more satisfying, successful and fulfilling life;
  • business coaching - ranges from individual and executive team coaching in large organisations to coaching owners and managers of small businesses. It includes various personal development objectives to strategic thinking, increasing market share and customer service development;
  • Executive coaching - a collaborative, individualised relationship between an executive and a coach with the aim of bringing about sustained behavioural change and to transform the quality of the executive's working and personal life.

More detail about coaching can be found in our note "What is Coaching".
In providing our services, we will work closely with the coachee (and organisation, if appropriate) to draw out and identify those areas where they want to change through coaching. We will explore the individual's core values and beliefs, help them to identify and set their goals and coach them as to how to achieve their stated aims.
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