Through its consulting work as well as third party research, we have identified that ineffective meetings are one of an organisation's biggest wasted costs and time. Therefore, we are pleased to provide a service to help you to get the best out of your meetings.

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In the UK, an estimated £45.49 bn per annum is wasted through pointless meetings!

In terms of time, 384,657 years per annum are wasted!
So, how much time and money are wasted in your organisation due to pointless, unnecessary or unproductive meetings?


"On average, managers spend about 3 hours per week in meetings. Research suggests that 2 of these 3 hours are in wasted, or pointless meetings. Senior managers typically spend up to 50% of their time in meetings. This is a huge financial cost to organisations, as well as non-financial costs to employees.

Meetings serve a purpose. But, they need to be appropriate, well run, effective and efficient.

Meetings are not in themselves problematic. They are essential to teams and organisations. In their absence, organisations fail in teamwork, inclusion, participation, coordination, buy-in, communication and organisational cohesion.

Good meetings can be transformative and hugely positive, both for the organisation, and its employees.

What needs to be addressed is bad meetings, unnecessary meetings, wasted time in meetings. In 2014, it was estimated that the annual cost of meetings in the US was $1.4 trillion - 8.2% of US GDP! In that year, it was estimated that $250 billion was wasted by having too many bad meetings.

In addition to the financial costs of wasted meetings, there are potential psychological costs for employees suffering bad meetings. These costs include: employee frustration; reduction of employee engagement; erosion of employee spirit; and time spent complaining about the bad meeting. Poor meetings lead to frustration, and there is evidence of "meeting recovery syndrome" - the time spent recovering from such a meeting.

In providing our services, we will work closely with your organisation to identify:

1. What is the cost of your meetings;
2. How to identify which meetings can be eliminated/reduced;
3. Identify the effectiveness of your meetings; and
4. How to improve your meetings.

And, our guarantee to you, is:

"if we cannot give usable advice to improve the effectiveness of your meetings, or save you time or money, no fee will be payable"

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